What is Meetbowls?

Meetbowls is a unique experience between three men and three women who share one dinner. To join the bowl, guest register, choose a restaurant and get ready to enjoy an evening comprised of dating, networking, or new friendships. Our guests build a profile indicate their preference and taste and we do the rest!

How Does It Work?


Join us and choose a bowl (restaurant) from our variety of different choices available every day. You decide where to go… not knowing who you will meet!  


Our events are guaranteed to help you connect with people, build friendship and more! You will be able to know in advance other people’s preferences before joining a bowl.


Get to try dishes from all around the world at one unique experience for Meetbowls customers. Yep, the cherry on the top.

If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know

Meetbowls is the one place that you can mix business and pleasure

Meetbowls.com is the place for your business networking, expand your inner circle, find friendships, date, and a lot more if you know how to use your imagination the right way.

If you are a hard-worker and that you have a lot of difficulties meeting people, Meetbowls is a great way to fix it. The dinners are organized based on age and interests. It is not a one on one dinner, it is now a group dinner. The awkwardness is gone, it feels safer and your stakes to meet someone great at this table just went higher.

This social dining network is especially great for people who are just too busy on a regular basis before dinner or who are new in town !Maybe all you needed was a little innovation in this meeting world to make great things happen. Whatever your reason is to use it and however you decide to use it, you will get out of this experience with a different perspective about meeting people through a website and how awesome it can actually be when the concept is thought outside the box.

Meetbowls is one unique experience that you shouldn’t overlook because we are about to change the dine-out experience for ever

Why Try Meetbowls?
A new week just started, your schedule of the week looks pretty boring and you are already looking forward to the week-end to meet new people. With Meetbowls, not only you are about to discover a bunch of tasty restaurants in your city but you will also meet not one, but five new persons per dinner. And if you don’t want to go alone well, just tell your friend to go with you!

We’re in 2014 and it is time to think outside the box!

Meetbowls Philosophy
Meetbowls’s philosophy in one word? Innovative. Dating and meeting have always been part of human needs and everyone dedicate a lot of time to it. For all these years, millions of people have been meeting through the most common and regular ways, used and re-used.
Meetbowls brings today a much needed new, fun and refreshing concept where the only thing that matters is living one unique experience that nobody is going to forget.
Best Restaurants in Miami
Batch Gastropub
Casablanca On The Bay
D-Dog House
Randazzo’s Little Italy
Good for All Ages
Everyone 21 and over can try it!



Meetbowls is a fantastic networking tool

  • A regular basis free appearance. Your restaurant will be listed and proposed to our thousand of customers once to twice a week.
  • Extra Table. If they like it, they’ll book it ! Thanks to our innovative concept, you’ll get to have parties of 6 people coming to your place without moving a finger.
  • Free Advertising. Once you are part of Meetbowls, all your pictures, infos, menus and descriptions will appear regularly and be seen by our customers. 
  • Try New Things. Want to try if a new menu works ? Create your own personal menu for Meetbowls customers and take a shot at trying new things
  • Network. Once every two months, all the Meetbowls partners meet and eat to see what should be changed or improved to make the Meetbowls experience better !

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers Can’t be Wrong!

We love our customers, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. Read what they have to say below:

Meeting the Meetbowls team has been a great and fun experience. This fabulous group not only takes you to extravagant and delicious restaurants but accompanies you with other great people that share similar interests and are either looking for a business partnership, friendship, or relationship. This can be fun and helpful and Casablanca on the Bay is more than happy to be working closely with it.
Gabriel Ramos, Casablanca On The Bay
I loved the experience! Got to meet some amazing people and the food was delicious! Can’t wait to try it again. Thank you Meetbowls for creating such a unique concept. 
Karla Sanjur, Mitchell Group
Meetbowls provides the most unique and fun way to meet people in your local community. They allow individuals to meet and interact in a relax environment while enjoying great food and drinks. I would recommend Meetbowls to anyone looking to meet new people!
Jose Bowles, Miami's Community Newspaper